Information for new members

Basic information for new members

First of all, it's very nice that you show and interest in joining our training. For the coming term, we have 30 spots open in BJJ and 30 in Thai boxing once those are filled we not opening up more spots until January. The basic classes start on the 31 of August week 36. To secure a spot you pay the membership fee ( go to membership application and follow the instructions there). 


For your first class, you need only regular training equipment. In time you are required to buy either a GI for BJJ or Gloves and other protections for the Thai boxing. This is mandatory and can be obtained from any reseller. We at hiltifightcenter do not sell GI's or gloves. Best way to get the equipment that suits you the best is to talk to your fellow training partners and try on equipment. 

A few things that are good to know when starting to train. 

  • First of never ever even come to the academy if you feel sick or have any of the symptoms associated with COVID19. If you live with somebody that shows symptoms please stay at home until everyone in the house/home is symptom-free. 

  • Cut and maintain your nails, It's very important that you do not come to the training with long and sharp nails. 

  • Do not smoke right before you enter the training.

  • Make sure that your training equipment is clean and doesn't smell.

  • Same with yourself, we are training contact sports and we do have very close body contact and it's nice if your training partners are clean and neat. 

  • Make sure to help out with the cleaning after the class. 

  • Respect and be nice to your training partners, without them you can't be training so you will need one another.  

  • If you have questions, please ask don't be afraid to interact with people that are inside of the training hall. 

  • Learn to respect the rules of the mat when it comes to sparring. Lower belts always give way for higher belts. There is a reason for this and that is to keep the lower belts' attention on other things than just the fighting. 

  • There is only one way yo get good in either thai boxing or Bjj... the secret is to show up and train. So just show up. 

  • It is strictly is forbidden to be under the influence of any drug och other substance inside of the academy. 

  • To progress the fastest... buy a notebook and write down some notes on your training progress that way you know what you did and how you develop. 

  • And most importantly have fun.... training should be about fun.